CAPTAIN ASAAD N. MASOUD, Ph.D Dinner Key Marina Pier 7 Slip 8 3400
Pan American Drive Coconut Grove, Florida Email: Mailing Address: 4110 Park Avenue, Coconut Grove, FL 33133 Cell: 305-989-3959 Home: 305-666-7979 Fax: 305-666-6508
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Dinner Key Marina is the largest marina in South Florida. It is located in the heart of the historic village of Coconut Grove. Please feel free to come aboard for a drink , watch the sunset and discuss your sailing itinerary.
Asaad was born in Egypt where he sailed on the Nile and the Mediterranean as a youngster. He lived and studied in Germany, Sweden, Canada and the U.S. where he completed his Ph.D. degree. He held academic positions for almost 20 years at universities in Oregon, Florida, Mississippi, Nebraska and Maryland. He spent the last three years of his scientific career at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, where he fell in love with sailing on Chesapeake Bay and owned his first yacht, the RA. Asaad realized that he enjoys people and sailing so much that he decided to have a mid-career change. He became a Coast Guard licensed captain in 1983. Since then he has been chartering RA on the waters of Chesapeake Bay, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys.